Summer Olympics word list and categories

The Summer Olympic Games are almost here! Here’s a list of words to use for Summer Olympics pictionary, charades, catchphrase, or any other fun games you might be playing as you watch the games. There are also some easy Olympic trivia game ideas.

Christmas gift pass

'twas the night before christmas gift pass right left game

This is a Christmas gift exchange activity, using the poem “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” and the words “right” and “left” to instruct children to pass their gifts to the right or the left. It’s kind of like a white elephant gift exchange, but for younger kids because it’s easier and faster and, because there’s no actual choosing involved, will probably lead to less gift-picker remorse.

Winter word list for pictionary

Happy Winter! Here’s a list of pictionary words related to winter and snow. Even though, where I am, winter doesn’t exactly mean snow. We’re enjoying weather in the low 60s today. 🙂 Happy winter nevertheless! Winter pictionary word list