New escape room for kids!

Hello readers! I just released a new escape room! This one is specifically for kids and it was a lot of fun to work on. Here’s the story… The whole save-the-world plot is a lot of fun for kids! Here’s a video showing a little bit of the setup and game play: You can read […]

New product: DIY escape room kit!

I’ve been into escape rooms lately. Have you done one? There are more and more escape room companies popping up. My husband and I have tried three in our area already. It’s a unique and fun challenge where you go and are “locked” in a room with usually up to 10 people. There are clues […]

Rodeo Don’t Eat Pete

If you’re in charge of a class party to celebrate rodeo season and need a rodeo children’s party game, hopefully this rodeo Don’t Eat Pete game board can be helpful to you! It’s a simple game involving candy, and one that kids love!

Pokémon Go word list

In case you want a break from actually playing Pokémon Go but can’t get Pokémon off your mind, here’s a printable word list to play Pokémon Go pictionary.