Pokémon Go Word List

In case you want a break from actually playing Pokémon Go but can’t get Pokémon off your mind, here’s a printable word list to play Pokémon Go pictionary.

What we’ve been playing

Quick life update: I’m pregnant! Our baby #3, a girl, is due in November. That’s the big reason why I’ve been way lazy about posting and working on this blog. (It also explains why the artwork for this post is a lemon and has absolutely nothing to do with the content.) Here’s a little family update on some of our favorite games lately. New posts coming soon!

The new app is available!

The new app is ready! My husband has been working hard to get version 2.0 of the Game Gal game words app up and ready to go. Today it was just released in the app store! Go download it if you haven’t! It’s got more word lists than before, an updated look and feel, and most […]

Update on the app

As you may have noticed, the word generator app is broken in iOS 9. I am aware and I appreciate all of your feedback and kind alerts. My husband is working on the latest version of the app right now, which we hope to have up soon, within a few weeks.