Halloween is almost here!

I’ve probably posted more Halloween party games than I’ve posted for any other holiday, so I wanted to do a quick roundup of all the Halloween posts I’ve done.

List of Halloween games and Don’t Eat Pete: Halloween version

This post lists some games that you can easily adapt to be Halloween party games, like the candy bar game or Halloween celebrities. It also has a free Halloween Don’t Eat Pete printable (with faces like the one pictured).

Halloween costume I spy bingo

This is a great little I Spy bingo game you can play at a Halloween party or anywhere you can see some people dressed in costume. You just make (or print off) a bingo board with each of the squares filled with costumes you might see. Then keep your eyes open Halloween night and see if you can cross everything off! Free printable included!

Boo! Halloween doorbell ditch

A Halloween tradition involving giving treats to neighbors. You need to start a few weeks before Halloween and you need to be a little organized about it, but it’s a great way to spread some Halloween cheer to your neighbors, friends, or community!

Halloween pictionary words

What more do you need for an awesome Halloween party? This post has a free printable list of Halloween words.


A perfect party or classroom activity where you race to wrap players in toilet paper, making them into mummies!

Mafia and Murder 1: Winks version and Murder 2: Hand-squeezing version

These three creepy (but mostly fun) “murder”-themed games would be great Halloween party games. They’re all fun big group, indoor games.


It involves candy. How can it not be a Halloween game? Basically you try to cram as many skittles in your mouth as possible.

Star Wars pictionades

Just because it’s a new game I came up with all on my own! And Star Wars is kind of Halloweeny, right? Just because of all the awesome costumes? Star Wars Halloween costumes are the best (yes, that’s me and my family!).

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