The 2016 Summer Olympics are almost here! This year I can say that I’ve personally met one of the Olympians. How cool is that? If you have a break during your Olympics-watching this year, maybe you’d like to play a little Summer Olympics pictionary, charadescatchphrase, or another game. The word list at the end of this post will help you out! Just cut up the words along the strips and play. This word list will also shortly be added to the online word generator.

If you and your friends or family want some extra Olympic game fun, try some easy trivia to test your Olympic knowledge. How many items can you name in each of the below categories? You can play competitively with a friend or group by choosing one category and taking turns naming items in the category. The first player who can’t think of an original item loses. You can also play cooperatively by playing as a group and counting everyone’s answers together. If you play, post a comment with how many items your group could name. I’ll shower you with praise and accolades (because when I tested my own Olympic knowledge with my husband I didn’t do very well).

  • Summer Olympic sports
  • Winter Olympic sports
  • Past Olympians
  • Movies about the Olympics
  • Locations of past Olympic Games

I hope you enjoy watching the Olympic Games and cheering on your favorite countries and Olympians!

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Summer Olympics Word List

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