Happy Valentine’s Day!

When you’re a little kid, before the days of complicated relationships and crushes, Valentine’s Day is a pretty fun holiday, right? You get candy and fun little notes from classmates and maybe a gift from mom and dad. Nothing not to love, right?

In honor of our littlest kids, and because I have a preschooler, I made a Valentine version of Don’t Eat Pete. (Visit the link if you need to learn how to play.) It’s one of the best games in the world – or at least that’s what I thought when I was five.

Valentine Don't Eat Pete - Thumbnail

And, oh, you should definitely use conversation hearts instead of M&Ms for this holiday version.

As I was making the 8.5×11 version of the Don’t Eat Pete board, I actually thought it would be really cute to make smaller versions that young kids could give out as Valentines to classmates. I think they would make some especially cute preschool class Valentines.

cute preschool class valentines

There are 6 super-mini Don’t Eat Pete boards to each 8.5×11 sheet. There are two pages, so print front-to-back. The back has instructions and a place to address the card. I’d recommend printing on cardstock. Then cut along the dotted lines, pair with a box of conversation hearts, and your child has a cute, unique Valentine to give out. 🙂 You could even laminate them.

So happy Valentine’s day, and know that I love and appreciate all of you readers!

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