Hi readers!

So another update: I had my baby! We are now a family of five. Our youngest, Grace, is just the best. We all love her, her cute chunky cheeks, and her giant smile. Of course, life with a new little one can be pretty busy/hard/tiring. I’m sorry for the lack of recent posts!

Right now I have one thing to offer you: a new themed Don’t Eat Pete board. (If you haven’t heard of the game before, visit the link.)

Here in Texas where we live, it’s rodeo time! And it’s a big deal, y’all. (Side note: Despite living a good deal of my childhood in Texas, I never could feel natural saying y’all, and I envy all my friends and siblings who do. I wish I could say it. I think it sounds so much better than “you guys.” But I feel like a total poser when I try.)

Last year I made this Don’t Eat Pete board for my son’s preschool rodeo day. (Yes, a lot of the schools have a rodeo day. Like I said, it’s a big deal.) So now I share it with you! For my son’s school, I made a big poster-size version, but I’m including an 8.5 x 11 paper version you can print:

If you want to make a bigger one, here’s the file I used. You can print all the pages on 8.5 x 11 paper, then cut out each square and cut around the words “Don’t Eat Pete.” Glue the papers to a poster or foam board so it looks like the paper above. You can laminate the pages first if you choose. (Might be a good idea, considering the candy that will be put on them.) On mine, I glued the instructions on the back.

Use it to celebrate the rodeo with all your little cowgirls and cowboys. Let me know if it was useful to you! And happy rodeo, y’all! (OK, at least writing it feels a little more natural than saying it.)

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