It was just supposed to be a normal camping trip…until the lightning storm that forced you to find shelter. What you didn’t expect to find was a classified government organization with a big secret…

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What is a virtual DIY escape room?

It’s something completely new! When the COVID-19 pandemic started, I realized that people couldn’t gather to play escape rooms with friends like they used to. So I started working on a new escape room experience that can bring the fun of an escape room in a perfectly safe, socially distanced way.

As a host of this game, you email players in up to five separate locations a file to print and a list of easy supplies to gather. Then everyone joins together on a Zoom or video call and as a team works to beat the game! In addition to fun paper clues and physical tasks, players from each room get to navigate custom game websites.

The game also works great as a traditional escape room in one room. And it’s the easiest to prep of all my games!

The game is designed for:

  • 5 to 15 players
  • Ages 14 and up
  • About an hour to play

To host the game, you will need to read through the instructions and watch a video that explains how the game works. You’ll then need to email your players or print the game files yourself. You won’t play the game as a host, but you will have just as much fun watching and giving hints as your friends and family escape!

“I ran the Alien Threat Escape Room with a group of grade 12 leadership students completely over Google meet. They were all at their own homes. It was an amazing experience. To see them problem solve together and figure out ways to communicate between rooms was amazing. It took a bit of prep time on my part to be able to help them with hints but it was more than worth the time spent. I will be using this resource again for sure!” – Scott C.

“We LOVED your newest escape room! … The whole group was really impressed with the videos, websites, and printouts. They were very professionally done. The blinking lights on the map really got my sister nervous!! 🙂 The puzzles were the right amount of challenge for our group of adults and middle schoolers. … Overall, we really loved the puzzles, the graphics, the effects, the cool way that everything fit together.  We would definitely recommend it to others and would love to do another Game Gal Escape Room as soon as it’s available!!” – Amy L.

“This is a zoom call I actually want to attend! So much fun working through clues and puzzles with my family and friends across the country. My only regret was forgetting to record the meeting. I would love to replay the part when my grandma and sister were yelling over each other, trying to beat the clock before the aliens escaped. So much fun.” – Brenn G.

“Thank you so much for this great virtual escape room! My friends and I did it on Halloween night, and it was so much fun! I currently live in Europe, and it was so nice to be able to do this with all my friends from home! We used Zoom and had 4 couples with 4 different “rooms” (one couple had two rooms). I even woke up at 5 am to do this with the time difference! The clues and activities were designed really well, and just the right difficulty.” – Shannon K.

“This escape room was so fun! It was so well thought out and it was challenging, but still a blast! It was fun to be able to connect virtually with family that I wouldn’t have been able to do an escape room with normally. 5 stars! Highly recommend!!” – Briana K.

“This virtual escape room was so fun and engaging. Each group printed their clues at home and it was great to see everyone working on their clues and at the same time sharing the info by zoom and texts. The clues were so clever and original – it was challenging but tons of fun! The details put into this virtual escape room are well worth the purchase – would highly recommend getting it to run with your friends and family.” – Melanie E.

DIY Escape Room Kit

Alien Threat

This escape room kit lets you host your own escape room at home OR virtually with friends in any location. All of the planning has been done, you just need to print and prepare! It’s G-rated and non-scary but with a fun “escaped alien” theme. It will be a lot of fun for your guests!

What’s included:

  • Detailed instruction packet and tools for the host
  • Five custom game websites
  • Complete video walk-through of the game for hosts
  • 32 pages of high-quality, no-prep printable clues
  • Option to play as a traditional escape room instead of virtually
  • Game intro and game ending videos to play for players
  • Instructions for players
  • Bonus video with host tips
  • Decorations and photo op signs
  • Answer keys
  • Digital invite

What you need to do at home:

  • Set up and host a Zoom call (or other video service)
  • Email players, collect RSVPs, assign rooms, and send your players a file to print and a list of supplies to gather, which may include:
    • Writing utensils
    • Clay or play-doh
    • Scissors
    • Tape

You also have the option of printing and preparing the game supplies yourself, or hosting the whole game in one room as a traditional escape room.

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Includes a digital download with 32 no-prep pages of clues, detailed instructions, videos, websites, and all of the planning and files you need to host your own escape room.

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I guarantee 100 percent satisfaction! If you’re unhappy with your purchase, email me within 30 days and I will offer you a full refund.

If you have any issues with the download or any questions, I’m also happy to work with you until everything is resolved. I want to give you a kit you are happy with!

If you have any questions, comments, or reviews, be sure to respond below!

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Anything else I should know?

The escape room download has a no-commercial-use copyright attached. You are free to download and use for your own noncommercial purposes, but please do not share the digital files, post the digital files, or use any contents of the download to host an escape room you charge money for.