We want to keep things simple here at The Game Gal, and we want to respect your privacy as much as possible. To that end, here is our plain-English privacy policy, as well as our promise to treat your information with the utmost respect, just as we want to be treated on the web.

Personal Information Collected

When you leave a comment, you may need to fill out your name and an email address. This information will never be sold or shared with anyone else. When you purchase a product on The Game Gal, you will share your name, email address, and billing and potentially shipping information. Again, this information will never be sold or shared with any other party. We do not ever have access to your actual payment information as we use secure third-parties to handle transactions. After a purchase, we may use your name and email address to contact you again about product fixes and improvements and new products. You can opt out at any time.


The Game Gal uses basic cookies to keep track of if you’ve recently commented so that you don’t have to enter your information again. We also use analytics services (Google Analytics) to know what information people are finding most useful so that we can make more of it. We do not match up individual people with IP addresses, try to track you everywhere else on the internet or anything weird. You can tell your browser to turn on Do Not Track and any tracking cookies should be blocked.

On some of the mini-websites that make up part of the escape rooms we may do click recording and error logging to find and fix bugs so that you have a good experience. Again, like everything else, this information is never sold to or shared with third-parties, save for third parties used to perform the tracking. Again, Do Not Track will remove this for you too.


We try to keep any and all information gathered to an absolute bare minimum. Any information we collect is used in anonymized ways.

If for any reason you would like to have your information removed, please contact us at [email protected]. We like privacy and we know you like yours, and we hope this upfront, non-legalese policy helps you understand you’re in good hands here.