Happy Halloween! Do you have a costume yet? I had this awesome idea for costumes for my family this year: my one-year-old Carson was going to be a dinosaur (he can even roar like one), and my husband and I were going to be paleontologists. Nice, huh? Plans kind of got derailed when I couldn’t find a toddler dinosaur costume nearby, but I found a way cute monkey one instead. Carson does love bananas. So I’m thinking…zookeepers for me and Josh? Anyway, the costumes still have to come together, but we’ll get there.

Do you have a Halloween party planned? Well, hopefully I can help! Last year I made a Halloween pictionary word list, and this year I thought it would be fun to do something for a slightly younger crowd, so enter…Halloween Don’t Eat Pete! 

Download the Halloween Don't Eat Pete board!

8 x 11 version – Poster-sized version

You could call it “Don’t Eat Igor” if you want to give it an extra Halloween twist. If you’d like to play, just download the printout (it’s free), brush up on how to play Don’t Eat Pete if you don’t remember, then get M&Ms, Reeces Pieces, or candy corn and play! Bonus: You can choose to print it poster-sized (see above) if you want a full-sized board.

And, as another treat, here’s a list of some other games that you could easily convert into Halloween party games.

  • Hangman – Just choose Halloween-themed words
  • Celebrities – You could play with Halloween characters. Make a list ahead of time or have everyone write down a favorite (Igor, Dracula, Frankenstein and/or Frankenstein’s monster, the Ghostbusters, the Wicked Witch and/or Elphaba, Casper, the Sanderson Sisters, Jack Skellington, the Great Pumpkin, Harry Potter, Voldermort, Edward Cullen…)
  • Charades, catchphrase, or pictionary – Be sure to use this Halloween word list!
  • Clothespins – Play at a Halloween party and make words like “Halloween” or “pumpkin” the forbidden words
  • The candy bar game – Have players put on and take off pieces from a Halloween costume (witch’s hat, long silk gloves, etc.)
  • Glow in the dark dodgeball – A kind of “spooky” game already
  • Mystery gift pass – Just use Halloween-themed paper and candy or Halloween party favors as gifts
  • Newspaper – Assign everyone a Halloween character or word instead of a state or name
  • Hot or cold – You could hide Halloween candy
  • What if? – Have players write down questions themed around Halloween

Just a few ideas! Hope they help! Happy playing and happy Halloween!


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