Family-friendly games for you and yours!

Hi, welcome to my list of games! One of the reasons I love collecting these games is that I believe quality family time is essential to having a happy family.

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  • Christmas Three deep

    Christmas Three deep

    A list of words to play a Christmas variation of the party game three deep!

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  • Christmas gift pass

    Christmas gift pass

    This is a Christmas gift exchange activity, using the poem "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" and the words "right" and "left" to instruct children to pass their gifts to the right or the left. It's kind of like a white elephant gift exchange, but for younger kids because it's easier and faster and, because there's no actual choosing involved, will probably lead to less gift-picker remorse.

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  • 12 Days of Christmas gift drop off

    12 Days of Christmas gift drop off

    A Christmas tradition where you choose a family and secretly drop off a gift at their house for the 12 days before Christmas. It's a lot of fun for families and a good way to bring the spirit of giving and into your family and Christmas season. Free printable gift tags included.

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  • Christmas pictionary word list

    Christmas pictionary word list

    Here's a printable Christmas pictionary word list. And bonus: a printable list of Christmas song titles you could use to play name that tune. Enjoy, and merry Christmas!

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Balloon stomp

There’s a balloon tied to your ankle! Don’t let it pop – but stomp on everyone else’s balloon and pop them as quickly as you can!

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Players squeeze their teammates hands silently, trying to pass an “electric current” down their line faster than the other team can.

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