Family-friendly games for you and yours!

Hi, welcome to my list of games! One of the reasons I love collecting these games is that I believe quality family time is essential to having a happy family.

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  • Stuck-at-home scavenger hunt

    Stuck-at-home scavenger hunt

    Here are some free printable photo scavenger hunt lists, perfect for kids to do around the house.

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  • Addition Go Fish

    Addition Go Fish

    Homeschooling your kids? This is an easy way to practice basic addition--disguised as a game! Math practice your kids will actually want to do; that sounds like a win, right?

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  • Three things

    Three things

    Name three things that belong to a category while everyone else tries to guess the category you're thinking of. Great for young kids.

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  • Build a cabin in your mind

    Build a cabin in your mind

    An imagining game where players talk out loud, describing a dream cabin or house. It's best for a small group of players and is ideal for playing on long car rides.

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Math war

Remember the classic two-player card game War? You can easily add a math twist on it to help teach addition, place value comparison, or multiplicati

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