What it is: More of an activity or chant than a game with a winner and loser, but a perfect activity to occupy long car trips (especially for girls; I don’t think this game would appeal to boys as much).

Best for: Smaller group of 3 to 6 players.

What you need: Just people to play!

How to play: Players take turns going through the alphabet and saying the following sentence:

My name is ___, my husband’s name is ___, we live in ___, and we sell ___.

(Or, if you are playing with boys, they could say “My name is ___, my wife’s name is ___, we live in ___, and we sell ___.) The first two blanks are always filled by names, the third blank by a place, and the fourth blank by anything you could sell (which often leads to silly results).

So, the first player would start with A and say something like this:

My name is Abigail, my husband’s name is Adam, we live in Amsterdam, and we sell apples.

Then the next player would take the next letter, B, and say something like this:

My name is Bridget, my husband’s name is Brandon, we live in Bermuda, and we sell bouncey balls.

Players just take turns, going in a circle, until you go through the whole alphabet. I suppose you could play this game competitively: If a player takes longer than three seconds to fill a blank, they’re out. But me and my sisters always just played for fun and helped each other think of words when we got stuck. It’s a nice, calm activity, if you want one of those. 🙂 And it can help younger kids with their phonics skills, too.

Variations: Hmm, I can’t think of any variations. Anyone have any to share?


  1. We sang it when I was young with a bouncing ball. Saying “A my name is Anna” etc while bouncing ball and crossing our leg over and under the ball.

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