I think this is my very first translated printable offered on this website! A family member requested a copy of my game Three Deep in Spanish to play with a mixed group of native Spanish speakers and native English speakers learning Spanish. So now I’m giving it to you! I called the game “Uno, dos, tres,” and it works like the 1-2-3 variation of Three Deep, so head on over to that post to learn how to play. It should be very doable for native Spanish speakers, and doable for many Spanish language students, depending on the level. If you’re teaching a Spanish class, it could be a great way to incorporate a fun game while practicing some Spanish vocabulary!

Get the Spanish printable

Espero que todos se diviertan!

(If you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints like me, the family member I made this for is serving in a Spanish-speaking mission. I made a second version of the Spanish Three deep printable specifically for missionaries. It has some church- and mission-specific terms on it, so if you are in a similar situation, maybe it’ll help you out!)

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