Recently I ran my escape room Science Lab Breakout for a church activity. We did four identical rooms at once, which was pretty ambitious and took a lot of organization, but it all worked out great in the end. I also made a few extra decorations which I wanted to post here as a free download!

First, I made a generic safety notice poster that I printed on 11×14 cardstock. It made for a fun decoration, especially with the lab coats I splurged on!

Since the escape room takes place in an office building, I also made four motivational posters you might see in an office or workplace. These were also made to be printed 11×17 size.

And finally, since we set up for the activity in the morning but didn’t host it until the evening, and since there were other people in the church building when the activity was going on, I made these door hanger signs I left outside the door to keep people out. They worked great, and I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to design a “please keep out” door hanger for an escape room!

I added these three new documents to the Science Lab Breakout download, so if you purchase it from now on they’ll come included. But feel free to download them if you’ve already purchased the game, or to use in any DIY escape room you host!

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