Happy almost New Year’s! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I love Christmas and the Christmas season so much, it’s always kind of sad when Christmas day ends. But then there’s always New Year’s to look forward to. I don’t know how exciting my New Year’s will be this year; we’re actually moving to a new state in early January (very last-minute). I think my husband and I will do something low-key at home, in between packing and cleaning… I did already decide on my New Year’s resolution: reading the scriptures as a family every day. What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Anyway, the holidays are a great time of year: delicious food, being with family, and (of course) games. And games are my specialty! I wanted  to make a pictionary/charades/catchphrase word list for New Year’s Eve. I was doubtful that I’d find enough words, but, even though it’s a short list, this should be good for at least one round of New Year’s pictionary or charades. Or maybe for a twist you could even try New Year’s celebrities!

Printable-markerNew Year’s Eve word list

Then don’t let your fun and games end there: for tons of other free word lists, check out the printables page, or find even more pictionary, charades, and catchphrase words on my free online word generator (and if you love the word generator, download the app). Then for a list of some of my favorite party games, check out my New Year’s post from last year. Finally, feel free to browse my blog by game type using the top menu or even use the search feature to find the perfect game for your party. Whatever you’re looking for, I hope I can help you have a fun-filled holiday!

And I’d love to hear any comments, suggestions, or questions. Happy New Year’s!