What it is: A game to test how well husbands and wives know each other

Best for: A group of husbands and wives of any age, whether they’re newlyweds or celebrating their 50th anniversary!

What you need

How to play: One person will need to host the game and print the file beforehand. The included printable has blue (player) pages and orange (host) pages. Print one copy of the blue pages for each player. Print one copy total of the orange pages.

After you print, cut all the pages in half. Each half-sheet represents a round. You can read through all of the rounds and choose your favorites ahead of time, or play them all!

After you’ve printed, chosen your rounds, and organized your papers, invite your players to start!

Let’s start with the husbands. Give each husband a copy of the blue (player) Round 1 half-sheet.

Make sure they label it with their name (that’s important). Have them quietly write in their answers. Don’t let the wives peek!

As the host, gather the husband’s filled-out questionnaires. Then seat the wives at the front of the room.

Using the host’s corresponding Round 1 sheet, read the first question out loud to the first wife.

She gives an answer out loud, no hints allowed. After she answers, read her husband’s answer to the corresponding question out loud. If the answers are the same, give the question a check mark and the wife gets a point.

Repeat with the second wife. After each wife has answered the first question, repeat with the other four questions.

At the end of Round 1, count up each wife’s correct answers. The wife with the most correct answers wins the round and a point for her and her husband.

Then switch spots – the wives will write the answers on a blue (player) page. You can either repeat Round 1 and ask the wives the same questions, or move on to a new round. After the wives write their answers, collect the sheets, invite the husbands to the front of the room, and use the corresponding host’s page to ask the husbands the corresponding questions out loud. Husbands get a point for each correct answer, and the husband with the most points at the end of the round wins the round and a point for him and his wife.

After you’ve played all of the rounds you wish to play, the couple who has won the most rounds wins the game!

Printable: Here’s the free printable to grab! 

Variations: Instead of declaring a winner after each round, add up all of a couple’s points, husband’s and wife’s, from all rounds. The couple with the highest overall points wins.

You can also declare a winner within each couple – whoever got the most questions right, the husband or the wife, wins (and the loser needs to pay more attention when their spouse talks).

I also have a version of the same game to play at bridal showers and one for mothers and daughters.


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