What it is: A perfect bridal shower version of the Newlywed game – a game to test a bride on how well she knows her fiancé before their wedding. 

Best for: A bridal shower

What you need:

How to play: First, print the included printable. Before the shower starts, give the groom-to-be the first three pages of the printable. Either circle the questions on page 1 you want him to answer, or let him choose his favorites. Aim for at least 10 questions. Pages 2 and 3 have space for him to write his answers.

After you’ve collected the groom’s answers and during the bridal shower, have the bride sit at the front of the room. Read her the questions on page 4 of the printable that correspond with the numbered questions the groom answered. Have her give her answers out loud, then reveal what her fiancé said. She gets a point if their answers matched.

Remind the bride that she’s trying to give the answers her fiancé would give, not necessarily the answers she thinks are true. For example, for the question, “Who liked who first, your fiancé or you?”, the bride and groom might have differing opinions on this particular subject. Maybe according to him, she liked him first, but for the her it’s vice versa. If the bride wants a point, she should make sure to answer with what her fiancé would say, not necessarily what she thinks is correct.

It’s a fun bridal shower activity because it lets everyone learn more about the bride and groom and their story (and who doesn’t love that?). It gives some structure and will hopefully lead to some laughs. So have fun, and tell the bride and groom congratulations from me!

Printable: Here’s the free printable!

Variations: Besides the version for couples, I also have a version of the game for mothers and daughters. Have fun!

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