What it is: An easy time-killing game where players test their psychic abilities…or at least pretend to have them.

Best for: A group of about 6 or more. I think the bigger the group, the easier it might be.

What you need: Nothing!

How to play: Psychic is pretty simple. Everyone plays together as a team. Players count from one to as high as they can by saying numbers out loud, one player at a time. If two players say one number at the same time, everyone has to start over at 1. The catch is, there’s no order in which players speak.

Here’s an example. Say Adam, Bridget, Caleb, Dan, Ethan, and a bunch of their friends are playing. Everyone’s sitting in random order around a circle. In fact, they don’t even have to be sitting in a circle.

When they’re ready to play, someone will say “go.” Then Adam says 1 out loud. Dan, across the circle, says 2. His friend next to him says 3. Bridget, three people down, says 4. Adam says 5. Someone else says 6. But then by chance both Caleb and Ethan say 7 at the same time. That means the whole group has to start over at 1. Pauses are allowed, but if two people speak at once, you have to start over. The goal is to see how high you can count to as a group.

I don’t think we’ve ever gotten higher than like 15 or so, the times I’ve played it. My husband played it in a really big group once and got into the 30s.

It’s a great game for killing time because you don’t need anything to play with. But if you did have a large group and wanted to organize a big game, I think it would be a fun challenge for everyone.

Oh, and I just couldn’t resist writing a post about fake psychic abilities without throwing this in:



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