What it is: Basically a mother/daughter version of the Newlywed game where mothers and daughters are quizzed to see how much they know about each other. Perfect for a mother/daughter activity.

Best for: A group of 4 to 10 mother/daughter pairs

What you need:

How to play: One person will need to host the game and print the file beforehand. The included printable has purple (player) pages and orange (host) pages. Print one copy of the purple pages for each mother/daughter pair. Print one copy total of the orange pages.

After you print, cut all the pages in half. Each half-sheet represents a round. On odd rounds (1, 3, 5, 7), daughters silently answer questions about themselves and mothers are quizzed aloud on the answers. On even rounds (2, 4, 6, 8), mothers silently answer questions about themselves and the daughters are quizzed aloud.

You will probably want to play at least one odd round and at least one even round. You can read through all of the rounds and choose your favorites ahead of time, or play them all!

After you’ve printed, chosen your rounds, and organized your papers, invite your players to start!

Starting with Round 1, give each daughter a copy of the purple Round 1 half-sheet. Make sure they write their names at the bottom, and have them silently write the answers to the questions (moms, no peeking!).

After the daughters fill out their questionnaires, collect them and invite all the mothers to sit at the front of the room. Use the host’s Round 1 page to ask the mothers the corresponding questions to the daughters’ questionnaire.

First, read the first question to the first mom and have her answer out loud. Then read her daughter’s answer out loud. If the mom’s answer matches her daughter’s answer, put a check mark next to the question. The mother gets a point. Move on to the next mom until all moms have had a chance to answer question one. Then move on to question two, and repeat until you’ve gone through the whole round.

The mother who scored the most out of the 6 points possible in the round wins the round and a point for her and her daughter.

Then move on to Round 2. Give the purple Round 2 questionnaires to the mothers and have them quietly write in their answers. Collect them, invite the daughters to the front of the room, and ask each daughter each question, one at a time. The daughter with the most correct answers (answers that match her mother’s answers) wins the round and gets a point for her and her mother.

After you’ve played all the rounds you wish to play, the mother/daughter pair who’s won most of the rounds wins and gets a prize!

Printable: Here’s the printable you need to play the game!

Variations: Instead of declaring a winner after each round, add up all of a pair’s points, mother’s and daughter’s, from all rounds. The pair with the highest overall points wins.

You can also declare a winner within each pair – whoever got the most questions right, the mother or the daughter, wins (and the loser needs to pay more attention when their mother or daughter talks).

I also have basically the same style of game for couples and for bridal showers.


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