What it is: A not-too-silly, not-too-extreme, sitting down, quiet, yet still intense group game.

Best for: Group of at least 10ish.

What you need: Each player needs a piece of paper to write on. You also need one die and one pen.

How to play: Everyone sits in a circle, either around a table or on the floor. One person starts out with the pen, and the person to their left starts out with the die.

Let’s say Paul has the pen, Tasha is to his left with the die, and Adam is sitting to Tasha’s left. When the game starts, Paul starts writing legible numbers, starting with 1 and going up to 100, as fast as he can on his paper, while Tasha starts rolling the die as fast as she can, trying to roll a six. As soon as she does roll a six, she gets to grab the pen from Paul and start writing numbers on her paper, while Adam grabs the die and tries to roll a six. As soon as he does, he grabs the pen, and the person to his left starts rolling. Play proceeds around the circle like this. The next time Paul gets the pen, he starts writing where he left off. The first person to write to 100 on their paper wins.

Variations: This game is a little like the candy bar game, sort of. But while the candy bar game is pretty silly, one hundred is better for older players, and it’s a good game to play if you have a big group and want a game to play, but still want to be able to talk and laugh, because the people who aren’t rolling or writing will be able to chat and laugh all they want without worrying about the game, until it’s their turn.

Update: I’ve also heard this game called roll-and-write, played with two dice where players try to roll doubles instead of a six, and where you can also make the game more interesting by encouraging tackling and trash talking. 🙂


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