This is one of the proudest moments of my life. My six-year-old son, Carson, is writing my very first guest post! The other week I was reading a nice note one of his school friends wrote him that said he liked playing the game “spiers and spotters” with Carson. I asked Carson about it and he said it’s a game he invented himself. Of course I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to get the details. So we sat down together, I helped him color his very own original artwork, and he told me all about it. So now, without further ado, here’s the game spiers/spotters from Carson! (His words, with a little prompting from me.)

What it is: A game that’s kind of like hide and seek

Best for: Recess, and for kids, at least four of them

What you need:

  • A playground and two groups of people

How to play: Start at the front of a playground. You’ll need to get your kids together, and they’ll split into groups. The kids can choose their own groups. One is called the spiers and one is called the spotters. The spiers spy on the spotters and try not to be seen. The spotters run around and try to spot the spiers. When a spotter spots a spier, they say “I see you!” Then the spier tries to find the other spiers and ask if they’ve been seen too.

Once all the spiers have been spotted, you’ll get back to the front of the playground and split into new groups. Make sure every kid gets a chance to be both spiers and spotters.

Variations: Spiers/spotters is like a team version of hide and seek. Sardines and hit the dirt are similar games.


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