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Quick life update: I’m pregnant! Our baby #3, a girl, is due in November. Life of course has been a little abnormal for the past few months. (Meaning that I’ve been way lazy about posting and working on this blog, which explains why the artwork for this post is a lemon and has absolutely nothing to do with the content.)

My husband and I do have some new content and website/app improvements coming soon though! In the meantime, here’s an update on the games (of all types) my family and I have been playing lately. My four-year-old son Carson is starting to get old enough to really take an interest in games, and it’s been a lot more fun for everyone.

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  • 20 questions. Carson has been way into this, especially with movies. It makes it easy because he really hasn’t seen that many movies at his young age.
  • Pokémon Go. Yes, I’ve been swept up in the craze. Sort of. It’s hard to get super into it when you’re pregnant and it’s hot and humid outside and you don’t walk anywhere except in an air conditioned gym. Carson likes it maybe more than me. He loves holding my phone and watching for Pokémon to pop up.
  • Uno, and the variant, Uno Spin. These are nice because Carson and my three-year-old daughter Annelise can both play. They can’t hold the cards in their hands so they lay them all out on the floor. Admittedly this takes away some of the strategy, but it’s still a fun game.
  • Nuts about Mutts, a card game similar to Uno. (Created by the family of one of my friends, isn’t that cool?) Annelise likes this one better than Uno because of the adorable dog illustrations. What three-year-old girl wouldn’t?
  • Spaceteam. Okay, this is hilarious. My husband and I have played together several times. It’s an iPhone game, but one that you play cooperatively with a partner by shouting technobabble to each other out loud. Kind of stressful, but also kind of ridiculous, which makes it really fun.
  • Ticket to Ride. Carson and Annelise think they’re old enough to play this game, though we just make up our own rules. I think they just like the little toy trains.
  • What’s My Job? This “game” is one my mom played with me and my siblings when we were little. Basically the kids ask, “What’s my job?” and you tell them a job to do and they do it. Great game, huh? Oft played at our house to complete chores and get the house clean.
  • Pictionary. I’m so happy that we can start playing one of my all-time favorite games together as a family! Both kids really enjoy it, but Annelise mostly just likes to use her turn to draw whatever she wants for as long as she wants. Oh, well.

I hope you’re enjoying your summer with some quality family time, too! Watch for more posts coming soon!

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