Candy bar

What it is: A fun indoor game good for parties, especially for families or younger teenagers.

Best for: Group of 10 to 15ish.

What you need: A pair of dice, a plate (or we always used a disposable pie tin), some random utensils (like a fork and knife, or maybe a spatula), assorted articles of clothing (sunglasses, a silly hat, scarf, and gloves are always good), and, of course, a few candy bars.

How to play: Sit everyone in a circle. Put the candy bar on the plate with the utensils and pile the assorted clothing nearby. Give the dice to someone (say Joe, this time) and instruct him to start rolling, with the goal of rolling doubles. As soon as Joe starts rolling, the person to his right (who, in this game, is Abigail) has to put on all the clothing as fast as she can and, using the utensils, attempt to unwrap and eat the candy bar. Joe also rolls the dice as fast as he can because as soon as he rolls doubles, Abigail has to stop, no matter how far she is in her process of unwrapping/eating the candy bar, take off the clothing, and pass it to Joe so he gets his chance to put on the clothes, unwrap the candy bar, and eat some yummy chocolate. Meanwhile the next person in the circle is hurrying to roll doubles, and…well, the game goes on and the candy bar travels all around the circle. Those not rolling the dice or trying to eat laugh and giggle at the silly sight of someone trying to unwrap and eat a candy bar with a fork and knife while wearing gloves and sunglasses.

Variations: If you’re playing with a bunch of germiphobes or people who just like cleanliness, you could set a rule that if someone’s sunk teeth into the candy bar, it’s theirs to keep, even if the next person rolls doubles before they can finish. Or, if you want a not-so-silly version to play, the game one hundred is kind of similar.

Update: Another blogger in this pingback mentioned some fun variations: “In my family, we always played with one die and switched turns whenever anyone rolled a six, always announced by everyone yelling “SIX!!!”” There’s also a link to another page with some ideas that would definitely up the game a little: try wrapping your candy bar in paper and masking tape and then freezing it before the game starts! They even mention switching any time someone rolls a 6 or a 1, which would definitely speed up the game. Definitely lots of fun variations to try! Just pick the ones that will work best for your group and have fun!


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