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If you want to see if you and your friends are gifted with any psychic abilities, give this game a try. Players take turns saying numbers out loud to see how high they can count, with a twist.

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Date night series: People-watching


A fun date night activity for two; something that makes a trip to a mall or other public place more exciting. Just use my free printable for a people-watching scavenger hunt.

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Get to know you questions


A really easy, adaptable game for all sorts of circumstances. Mostly it’s fun to ask get to know you questions (especially quirky or unusual ones) to family and friends.

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Sing a song


A couple of variations of song guessing games, where players take turns thinking of songs or words in songs and getting other players to guess, either by saying the song or singing it one note at a time. Very flexible activities that can be a lot of fun.

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How many miles?


A guessing game for long road trips. Anyone can play, and it’s a good way to keep track of how far away your destination is. It’s also a game that you can play in the background of the whole trip; it doesn’t take up too much time or concentration so you can have other things going on, too.

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Draw your dream house


This is more of an activity than a game. You just draw your dream house, usually as fun and complex as you can imagine. We’re talking home theaters, indoor swimming pools, pet manatees…just draw the dream home you always wanted! A great activity for kids and for encouraging imagination.

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What if?


This party game is easy, silly, and good for big groups. Players write questions that start with “what if” and answer them, with a twist. It almost always involves lots of laughter.

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Hot or cold


A really simple hide-and-seek type game. It’s a good kind of quiet, not-too-disruptive game for little kids involving hiding an object and giving clues to help players find it.

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First word


This is a simple talking game you can plan to learn more about your family or friends. Great for killing time and fun to play even with people you know really well.

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Fortunately, unfortunately


A simple talking game. Players take turns telling a story, one sentence at a time, but each sentence alternates starting with “fortunately” or “unfortunately.” Silly, fun, a great time killer.

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