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Winks 2


A group game to play indoors that basically involves wrestling on the ground. So if you like high competition and physical contact, this could be the game for you!

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Hide and seek


Next to tag, hide and seek is probably one of the most basic kid games out there. It can be played indoors or outdoors and is easily adaptable for lots of ages and playing areas.

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Kick the can


Kick the can is a way fun outdoor game; it’s like a cross between tag and hide and seek, with a twist. It’s perfect to play in a neighborhood or in the front and back yards of a house.

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Hit the dirt


This is a night game kind of like hide and seek or kick the can, with its own fun twist. Good if you like sprinting, hiding, adrenaline rushes, or feeling like a spy.

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What if?


This party game is easy, silly, and good for big groups. Players write questions that start with “what if” and answer them, with a twist. It almost always involves lots of laughter.

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An outdoor group game, not terribly active, but it does involve kicking, catching, and pegging (traditionally with a hacky sack). It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, so it could be good for filling small periods when you’re waiting for something exciting to happen.

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This clapping routine game is set of hand routines involving snaps, claps, and slaps. You learn the routine, then the fun is doing it over and over, getting faster and faster. We played it at girls’ camp a lot while we waited for our food in the mess hall.

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Here’s a fun game group you can use as a get-to-know-you game, or just to play with friends or family. Involves speed, memory, and usually laughter. It works well for lots of age groups, too.

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Line tag


Line tag is an easy variation of tag you can play on a basketball or volleyball court (or preferably those basketball-and-volleyball-courts-in-one). Perfect for small kids and perfect for killing time. I have fond memories of playing it at my church building when I was a kid…

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The cup game


Watch a video and learn how to play the cup game, a clapping routine you learn and do as fast as you can. Best for big groups killing time in mess halls. :)

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