What it is: A mash-up movie guessing game that takes some creativity

Best for: Teens to adults

What you need

How to play: Can you name this movie?

A snobbish phonetics professor agrees to a wager that he can take a flower girl’s innocent pet cocker spaniel and make her presentable in high society before a streetwise downtown mutt falls in love with her first.

Sound a little wacky? Well, it’s not a real movie. It’s a mash-up! A made-up summary of a combination of two movie titles that share a word…

My Fair Lady and the Tramp!

The summary combines parts of the movie My Fair Lady (1964), a movie about a phonetics professor passing off a flower girl in high society, with Lady and the Tramp (1955), a movie about an innocent pet cocker spaniel falling in love with a streetwise downtown mutt.

That’s the game! Take turns with your friends coming up with summaries of mashed-up movies and see if you can guess. See how wacky they get. Do you want some more examples?

A high school student time travels to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, where rebels are battling against a mean bully and his fleet of star ships, so they must stop the Empire from preventing his parents from meeting and falling in love.

A father and daughter attempt to defend their flock of orphaned Canada Geese from idiotic burglars during the holidays.

The Soviet Union’s best submarine captain in their newest sub violates orders and heads for the U.S., while a coal miner’s son with an interest in rocketry attempts to track down the sub and find out if the captain is trying to defect or start a war.

And then, finally, one from my brother-in-law that’s a bit of a stretch and might be a little tricky…

“Crouch, I say, crouch! Now you—hide!”

Guess all four movie titles in this post and I’ll give you a free escape room kit from my site!

Or do you have a movie title or summary to share? Post it in the comments! Maybe you can come up with a summary for one of these wacky combinations:

  • The Corpse Bride of Frankenstein
  • Black Beauty and the Beast
  • October Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
  • The Great Escape to Witch Mountain
  • A Little Princess Bride
  • We’re Back to the Future
  • It’s a Wonderful Life is Beautiful
  • Treasure Planet of the Apes
  • Star Wars of the Worlds
  • Shark Tale of Two Cities
  • Finding Neverland Before Time
  • She’s the Man for All Seasons
  • The Swan Princess Bride
  • Forever Young Frankenstein
  • Mighty Joe Young Indiana Jones
  • Jungle 2 Jungle Book
  • Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey to the Center of the Earth

One last bonus, here’s a printable list of more mashed-up movie summaries with answers. You can give the list to a group and see who can get the most right. It would be a great movie night activity!


  1. When aliens strike earth with massive snowstorms, going so far as to blow up the White House with a laser blast of lightning, only one (very patently) American can fly in to save the day and restore Mexico’s obvious leadership of the Americas and the world.

    “Today, we celebrate our Independence Day After Tomorrow!”

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