What it is: A simple on-the-go out loud trivia game to play with family members

Best for: A family! Especially young children who need a game to play to kill time

What you need: Just some general knowledge about your family!

How to play: This game just consists of asking each other trivia questions about family members. Here’s an example:

  • Out of Uncle Max and Uncle John, who used to live in Canada?

And then see who can answer the question correctly. It’s works best, of course, if parents come up with the questions and the children see if they can answer them. The questions can be easy or more challenging. The questions just always take the format:

  • Out of _____ and _____, who _____?

Here are some other examples of things you could ask:

  • Who worked as a ___?
  • Who lived ___?
  • Who knows how to ___?
  • Who studied ___ in school?
  • Who had ___ when they were a child?
  • Who grew up with ___?
  • Who did ___?
  • Who lives ___?

It’s a fun way to learn about family members: parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, even siblings. It’s fun to test how well you know your family. It’s simple, but engaging. When we’re around the dinner table or waiting in line, this is one of the games our kids request the most. 🙂

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