I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and twice a year the leaders of the church gather to deliver spiritual messages to the 15 million members worldwide and to the whole world. At the head of our church we have a prophet, just like the prophets in the Bible, like Noah or Moses, and apostles, just like the twelve apostles in Jesus’ time. (You can find out more here.)

The weekend of spiritual messages is called General Conference, and it’s a wonderful time in our house. We prepare in advance and we try to make it fun and special for our kids (since there’s 8 to 10 hours of instruction, which our kids may or may not make it through…) And to prepare, I’ve made some printables that I now share with you!

General Conference Apostle Trivia

Part of the preparation we like to do with our kids is help familiarize them with the prophets and apostles of the church who will be speaking to us. To help with that this year, I made a little trivia game. It would be great to play in seminary classes or with youth of the church, too. Just download and print; instructions are in the printable.

☆ Download General Conference Apostle Trivia

General Conference Bingo

Another thing we try to do during General Conference is to keep our kids quiet during the sessions, or, even better, keep them paying attention. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has some great material for kids during General Conference, like coloring pages and note-taking packets. This year I also made a General Conference Bingo board (which might be just as fun–and useful–for keeping adults engaged).

To play, print each person a copy of the blank board. Before Conference, everyone can use each empty square to write something that might happen during General Conference: a speaker, a topic, the color or pattern of a tie, a song or hymn, whatever you and your family/friends want. (Depending on how competitive you are, you might want to preview each other’s boards and make sure you all approve of each other’s choices.) During Conference, watch and listen carefully, and when something happens on your board, mark it off! First player to five in a row, or blackout, or however you want to play wins (but everyone who watches Conference is a winner!)

☆ Download General Conference Bingo

General Conference is this weekend. And anyone can watch it! It’s broadcast online. If you’re interested in wonderful messages about Jesus Christ, you should check it out! To fellow members of the Church, I hope you enjoy your Conference weekend!


  1. I’m a seminary student who’s really bored, so when our teacher said we get to plan the last lesson before conference, I was excited. We will definately be using these!

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