Funny story: When I was making this word list, as I was finishing I turned to my husband and asked, “Do most people associate s’mores with fall?” He made a face and shook his head. “People go camping in the summer,” he said. “Not the fall.”

“Oh,” I replied. See, I grew up close to the coast where leaves stay green all year long and in the winter the temperature rarely drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. S’mores are a classic fall food to me because when fall comes and the weather starts to cool down (you know, from the upper 90s where it was all summer), my family starts to have bonfires at night where we sit out and talk and roast marshmallows. We usually had a bonfire at our yearly Christmas or New Year’s party. Ah, the benefits of living somewhere warm. But I guess in many parts of the world, when fall and winter come, you don’t head outside for a bonfire. 🙂

SO, anyway, I took s’mores off the fall pictionary words list for all you people who grew up somewhere that actually has a traditional fall. But if you’re like me and you have good memories of s’mores in the winter, leave a comment! Am I really the only one?

Below is a list of fall/autumn-related words to use for pictionary, charades, catchphrase, or any other fun games you and your family or friends or students might be playing this year! This list has also been added to the printables page. Enjoy!

Printable-markerFall/autumn pictionary word list


  1. I live in NY and we do fire pit and bonfires in the fall, in that brief span of time where it’s no longer in the upper 90s every day but before it drops down to below 40 every night.

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