Hi all you Game Gal readers!

I’ve got something cool, new, and awesome that I’m excited to introduce.

Ta-da! It’s a new search feature! My super awesome and smart husband programmed it for me. And this search feature is so cool because it’s more like a “find-the-perfect-game-for-me” search. Say you’re throwing a party for 10 eight-year-olds in a nearby park, and you’d like an active game for them to play so they can run around and burn some energy. This new search feature is exactly what you’re looking for – you enter your requirements and I give you a list of games that might work for you.

And where do you find this search feature? It’s at the top of each page, right underneath the site name. See it? In that little box that says “Search for the perfect game…”

It’s super easy to use, too! Just click the box and it expands. Check any of the boxes that apply to the game you’re looking for. If a category doesn’t apply or you don’t care either way, just leave all the checkboxes in that category blank.

Then just click “Search” and a list of games will appear below! Cool, huh? If an initial search doesn’t bring you quite what you’re looking for, you might find that playing with the checkboxes some might help you find a game that works for you.

So there you go! I’m really excited about this feature and hope it helps a lot of people out. Finally, I would really love any feedback anyone has on the feature! If it’s not working like you expected, if you’re confused, or if you just have input, I’d seriously love to hear it. I’m always looking to make this site better.

Happy game playing!


  1. HOW did I not know about this website before? I am clearly finding it at the perfect moment, what with the new installation of the search feature. I’m so happy about this! It’s just in time for Family Home Evening tomorrow night, and I KNOW we will be using it on a regular basis. Thank you for putting in the time for this. I love it, Paige!

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