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Airport scavenger hunt


Taking a flight this holiday season? You can use this free printable airport scavenger hunt to have some fun spying for things in the airport, whether you’re traveling alone or with friends or family.

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I Spy Bingo: Halloween version


Halloween costume bingo! Perfect if you’re at a Halloween party or stuck at home handing out candy. Just look for people around you in costume and try to cross off 5 in a row.

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Draw your dream house


This is more of an activity than a game. You just draw your dream house, usually as fun and complex as you can imagine. We’re talking home theaters, indoor swimming pools, pet manatees…just draw the dream home you always wanted! A great activity for kids and for encouraging imagination.

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What if?


This party game is easy, silly, and good for big groups. Players write questions that start with “what if” and answer them, with a twist. It almost always involves lots of laughter.

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Paper telephone


This is a great party game for teens or adults. Kind of like a cross between pictionary and telephone, players write sentences, convert each other’s sentences into pictures, and back and forth until the results are hilarious.

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Hangman is a classic word-guessing game played on paper or a chalkboard. Here’s instructions to play and a free hangman game printout.

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Mirror drawing


This is a fun drawing activity (not really with a winner or loser). Fun for little kids and good to keep them quiet, too. :)

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3-D triple-decker tic-tac-toe

tic-tac-toe animation small

Like tic-tac-toe, but with three layers, thus decreasing the likelihood the game will end in a tie and increasing the thought involved and the fun.

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Yep, tic-tac-toe, the simple, classic paper game for two players.

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The dot game


A quiet two-player game played on paper. Great for killing time in a car ride, waiting in line for that midnight showing, during class…(oh, except, you should pay attention in class ;-))

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