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Fourth of July word list


Here’s a printable list of Fourth of July words you can use to play pictionary, charades, or any other game. Happy Independence Day!

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Paper telephone


This is a great party game for teens or adults. Kind of like a cross between pictionary and telephone, players write sentences, convert each other’s sentences into pictures, and back and forth until the results are hilarious.

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Going on a picnic


A talking, guessing game, good for younger kids and older kids, too. It’s a good game for thinking and creativity, too, and for killing time on long road trips.

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Catchphrase is a fast-talking guessing game, good for big groups of people. This post tells you how to play and includes some printable catchphrase word lists you can play with.

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Introducing the word generator!

word generator

The new word generator gives you word lists to play games like pictionary, charades, and catchphrase easily from your computer.

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Hangman is a classic word-guessing game played on paper or a chalkboard. Here’s instructions to play and a free hangman game printout.

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