Happy Fourth of July! Whether your weekend plans include barbeques, family reunions, or fireworks (or all three), maybe you’d like to celebrate Independence day with a good game of pictionary, catchphrase, or charades. To help, I’ve created a printable Fourth of July word list! Just click the link below, print out the list, cut along the dotted lines, and enjoy! The first page contains more common, easy words, while the second page contains some harder words.

Also, I’ve added the word list to my word generator if you’d rather access the words online than print and cut them out. Just choose “Holidays” for the game and “Fourth of July” for the category. Watch for more holiday word lists coming soon!

Use the words for whichever game you want! Hope you have fun, and happy Independence Day!

Printable-markerFourth of July Pictionary Word List


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