A little bit ago I created a date night scavenger hunt kit for a fundraiser. Even though they’re not exactly games, I thought I’d post some of the activities here. They all come with printables. You can do all the activities in one night and make a scavenger hunt of it, or each could even be its own date.

What it is: A creative date night activity involving reminiscing about favorite convenience store treats from your childhood.

Best for: A couple on a date.

What you need: A convenience store or gas station and a little money to spend.

What to do: Head to the convenience store on your date. Your task as a couple is to each pick out a favorite road trip or convenience store treat from you childhood. It’s best if it’s one you haven’t had in a while. It could be Big Chew bubble gum, or those Mrs. Baird’s apple pies, or Sour Patch Kids – whatever you got and loved as a special treat at the convenience store.

After you purchase your snacks, sit down to eat them and fill out the forms below. Mostly it’s just fun to reminisce about your childhoods together – and share some tasty treats.

Printables: Here’s the form to print out and use! You can combine this activity with the other activities in the date night series for a longer scavenger hunt type date. Hope you have fun!

Road trip treats thumbnail

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