A little bit ago I designed a date night scavenger hunt kit for a fundraising activity my church did. I heard the couple who ended up with the kit had a lot of fun, and so I thought I’d post pieces of it here for the next little bit. They all come with printables, and you can do all the activities in one night and make a scavenger hunt-type thing of it, or each could probably even be its own date.

So first off, the ice cream/frozen yogurt swap!

What it is: A fun date night activity for two; a way to make a normal out-to-get-ice-cream date a little more exciting.

Best for: A couple (either married or courting) on a date.

What you need: A frozen yogurt place (those kinds where you build your own bowl with the soft-serve yogurt and all the toppings and weigh it at the end) or an ice cream place, and an appetite for dessert. Optional: my printable included below.

How to play: It’s pretty straightforward. First, you can print the printable. Then go out for frozen yogurt, but the catch is you have to build each other’s yogurt bowl – and no input allowed! Build your spouse the dessert you think they would build for themselves if they could; you should aim to please.

After you’ve created your ice cream bowls and paid, swap them and enjoy! And rate each other by filling out the printable form. You can even tally up points and declare a winner, then think of a prize the winner gets that night (to choose what you do next, dinner at their favorite place next time, etc.)

Printables: Here’s the printable that goes with the activity. If you print it at actual size (which I recommend), it’s a little smaller than an 8.5 x by 11 page, so you can trim it down.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 10.10.24 AM

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