A little bit ago I created a date night scavenger hunt kit for a fundraiser. Even though they’re not exactly games, I thought I’d post some of the activities here. They all come with printables. You can do all the activities in one night and make a scavenger hunt of it, or each could even be its own date.

What it is: A fun date night activity for two; something that makes a trip to a mall or other public place more exciting.

Oh, wait. Also. The kangaroo really doesn’t have much to do with people watching, I admit. But isn’t he cute? Just think of him in a zoo, watching people himself. See, it totally ties in.

Best for: A couple on a date…or really any small group of people, maybe 4 max. It could even be done solo.

What you need: A public place where you’ll be able to see lots of people, preferably going and coming so you get a good variety. Shopping malls are ideal. Large stores in general could work, or even just walking down streets downtown. You’ll also need a list of things to find (like my printable included below). Optional: a quarter.

How to play: Go with your significant other to the aforementioned public place, have a seat or stroll around, and people watch! It’s fun to do this as a kind of scavenger hunt, like the printable. Just look for each item on the list, check off the ones you find, and play until you’ve either found them all or run out of time. The printable includes an extra bonus activity to do with a quarter; just follow the instructions.

This can be a fun activity because you get to talk, but it’s not necessarily competitive. Just be sure to be polite about those people you’re spotting and try not to stare, point, or let them see you talking about them in secretive whispers. 😉

Printables: Here’s the printable that goes with the activity. If you print it at actual size (which I recommend), it’s a little smaller than an 8.5 x by 11 page, so you can trim it down.

People watching

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