A little bit ago I created a date night scavenger hunt kit for a fundraiser. Even though they’re not exactly games, I thought I’d post some of the activities here. They all come with printables. You can do all the activities in one night and make a scavenger hunt of it, or each could even be its own date.

What it is: A creative date night activity involving shopping for cheap at a bookstore (like Barnes & Noble) with a good bargain section.

Best for: A couple on a date

What you need: A bookstore with a good bargain section, $5, and the printable included below.

What to do: Head to the bookstore on your date. Your assignment as a couple is to go to the bargain section and buy a gift for someone of your choice. It could be a family member, a friend, whoever’s babysitting your kids…you  just have to agree on one person other than yourselves to buy a gift for. The only other rule is the gift has to be less than $5.

So start shopping! After you make your selection and purchase your gift, fill out the printable below and see how many points you earned. 🙂

Variations: You could do this at another type of store, too. You don’t even have to limit yourself to the bargain section. I just thought the challenge of trying to buy a gift for someone when you have limited money to spend could be kind of fun.

Printables: Here’s the form to print out and use! You can combine this activity with the other activities in the date night series for a longer scavenger hunt type date. Happy shopping!

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