New Year’s party game ideas

Update: I’ve created a new post with a New Year’s Eve pictionary word list. Check it out here!

Happy New Year’s, everyone! It’s been a wonderful Christmas break, and I hope you’ve all enjoyed your family and friends with parties, games, and food. For New Year’s Eve, every year my family throws a huge New Year’s party with lots of family friends. It’s great; we play games with prizes, chat, eat, have a big confetti fight at the countdown, and end the night with a tasty, warm breakfast.

If you’re planning or attending a New Year’s party this year and have come here looking for some game ideas, you’ve come to the right place! First, I know pictionary and charades are big party games (and for good reason; they’re a blast). I’ve got lots of word lists for these games if you need them! The pictionary and charades posts have printable word lists at the bottom, or you can go to my online word generator. If you want to use the word generator for a game that’s not listed (or even one that is), check out the lists under the Any Game option on the Game drop-down.

Second, if you’re maybe looking for a new game, my blog has tons! Feel free to browse by game type (in the right sidebar). You can also visit the home page to see my most recent posts and browse backwards from there. Also, below I’ve listed some of my favorite party games for different age groups. Just click each game’s link to learn how to play. And happy New Year’s, all!

Games for teens to adults

  • Four on the couch — A strategic memory game for big groups
  • In the manner of the adverb — A fun twist on charades
  • Spoons — A fast-paced card game
  • Corporation — A fun guessing/memory game, also good for getting to know each other
  • Winks 2 — A high physical contact (basically wrestling) game
  • What if? — A funny and creative answer-silly-questions-and-read-them-aloud game

Games for kids

  • The candy bar game — Candy’s involved. Need I say more? :)
  • Sock — A rougher indoor game, but not too rough
  • Celebrities — A fun mix between charades and catchphrase
  • Newspaper — An easy fast-paced game that can be easily adapted to be a get-to-know-you game (also good for teens or adults)

Games for anyone

  • Clothespins — You could easily put a New Year’s twist on this game; just make the forbidden words “New Year’s” or “resolution” or something
  • Signs — A quiet game, but it can get really fun
  • One hundred — A very easy to learn, fast-paced game
  • Paper telephone — A hilarious game that encourages creativity. Good if you like drawing (or even if you don’t).
  • Telephone charades — A mix between silent acting and the game telephone

A big thank you!

Dear Game Gal readers,

I just wanted to say a big thanks to all of you! This past weekend set a new record high for Game Gal visitors (up 270 percent!). I guess the holidays are a big time for games, families, parties, and fun. This site started out as just a hobby, but I’m glad I have been able to help you out with word lists and game ideas.

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays! I’m working on more games to posts, more word lists, and we have a little surprise for everyone coming soon! So stay tuned. :)

Christmas pictionary word list

Merry Christmas! Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday. Last night was Christmas decorating and hot chocolate drinking night at our house. Now we have a tree up and everything!

So another holiday, time for another word list! Here’s a printable list of Christmas words you can use to play pictionary, charades, catchphrase, or another game. And as a bonus, there’s also a printable list of Christmas song titles you could use to play name that tune. Just take turns drawing a song title, singing or humming the song, and getting others to guess. Or, if you’re up for a challenge, play Christmas song title pictionary. I dare you. (I tried to stick to well-known Christmas songs…and resisted the temptation to add “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,” the hit Christmas song from *NSYNC. Oh, yeah.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the holidays and have fun with family and friends! This time of year can be so crazy and hectic, but I really think it should be about remembering our blessings, focusing on the real meaning of Christmas, making others happy, and spending time with those we love. Hope I can help!

And merry Christmas!

Printable-markerChristmas pictionary word list

Printable-markerList of Christmas Songs

(Oh, by the way, these lists have both been added to the word generator if you’d rather play online than print them off.)

Fortunately, unfortunately

What it is: A silly, creative talking activity for anywhere from two to many players. Similar to the tell a story game, but with more direction.

Best for: Group of 3 to 8ish.

What you need: Nothing!

How to play: Have all your players sit in a circle, or establish a clear playing order. Then proceed to tell a story, with each person saying one sentence at a time. Here’s the catch: each sentence must start with either “fortunately” or “unfortunately,” always alternating. So here’s how a sample game might go. The first player, Rachel, starts out the story by saying a simple statement of fact, like

One day I got a new puppy.

(The story can be in first person, but it doesn’t have to be.) The next player, Brad, would then add a sentence onto the story, but he has to start the sentence with “unfortunately,” like

Unfortunately, he ran away.

Then it’s Katie’s turn, but she has to start a sentence with “fortunately:”

Fortunately, he came back the next day with a 100 dollar bill.

The next player would say an “unfortunately” sentence, like “Unfortunately, the 100 dollar bill was a counterfeit and the cops nabbed me for it when I tried to use it to buy a pet canary.” As you can imagine, the game usually gets pretty silly pretty fast. And the stories tend to drag on without any clear ending, so just break it up when you want to start a new one. It’s a lot of fun, though, and good for car rides or killing time. Write your stories down or just tell them out loud; either way, have fun!

Variations: As said, this game is pretty similar to tell a story.

Example: If you want an example game, maybe you could watch the TV show I Shouldn’t Be Alive; sometimes I think those episodes tend to play out like a version of this game. (The man was starving in the jungle…fortunately, he found some berries…unfortunately, they were poisionous. But fortunately, he hunted a rabbit to eat…but unfortunately, he had no fire to cook it…) 😉

Okay, for real, here’s a sample game from me and my husband. Oh, which reminds me of something else: if you’re playing with only two people (or any even number), it means the same people will always be saying “unfortunately” or “fortunately” sentences. Which could be boring or could be fun. But you could just switch it up halfway through if you want. For now, you can guess who had the “fortunately” sentences in this example, me or my husband:

One day a man was flying on an airplane. Unfortunately, the airplane was out of peanuts. Fortunately, the man was allergic to peanuts and so he was happy about that. Unfortunately, the man was also allergic to chocolate chip cookies, and the airplane wasn’t out of those. Fortunately, the man was the pilot, and so he wasn’t offered any of the cookies. Unfortunately, the pilot was so distracted by the conversation about the cookies he was allergic to that he didn’t see the huge thundercloud. Fortunately, the plane’s autopilot took control and did a barrel roll around the thundercloud. Unfortunately…

Well, you get the idea. :)