What it is: A creative (and usually silly) talking activity for anywhere from two to many players.

Best for: Group of 2 to 9 players.

What you need: Just people to play. 🙂

How to play: First, have everyone sit in a circle, or establish a clear playing order so everyone knows when it’s their turn. Then you can start. The point of the activity is just to tell a story, one word at a time. Each player gets to say one word. So this is how a sample start to a game might go:

I’ve played where ending punctuation marks count as words, too; otherwise, sentences tend to drag on without any clear end. You can tell your story on paper or out loud or both, and it usually ends up pretty silly or ridiculous. But that’s the fun part. 🙂

Variations: To avoid the story breaking down into a totally unrelated mess of words that lacks any continuity whatsoever (which is often what happens when I play with my siblings), you could choose a topic or narrow the scope before hand. Or, just say anything goes. You could also play by having each player say a whole sentence at a time, rather than a single word. Also, the game fortunately, unfortunately is very similar, just with a little more direction.


  1. Haha Gramps, what a great idea! I love it!
    “With a problem that was quite a doozy…”
    And, for anyone who needs a refresher on limericks, here’s a fun song from a company I used to work for that teaches how to write a limerick. It’s such a great song, I couldn’t resist linking to it. 🙂

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