What it is: A simple game good for keeping little kids occupied (and obedient!).

Best for: Group of 3 players to however many you want.

What you need: Just people to play.

How to play: First, choose one player to be Simon. Simon stands in front of the group, while the rest of the players stand facing him. The object of the game for Simon is to eliminate players from the round by tricking them into disobeying his commands. The object of the game for the players is to stay in the round until they’re the last one remaining.

So Simon gets to give commands in two formats. He can say a command with the words “Simon says” before it, like this:

  • “Simon says touch your toes!”
  • “Simon says jump in the air!”
  • “Simon says put your arms up!”

Simon Says

When Simon gives these commands, all the players must obey, and if they fail to (try to) do what Simon says, he can call them out of the round. Simon can also give a command without saying “Simon says,” like this:

  • “Touch your toes!”
  • “Rub your tummy and pat your head!”
  • “Cover your eyes!”

If any player does obey one of these commands, then Simon says “I didn’t say Simon says!” and calls that player out of the round, too.

The last player left at the end of the round gets to be the new Simon. If by chance Simon tricks all the players and they all lose, Simon gets to give the orders for another round.

Strategies and rules: One good strategy for Simon is to give a series of quick commands starting with “Simon says…” and then another quick command without “Simon says,” tricking everyone to obey by habit. Also, Simon shouldn’t give commands that would be impossible (or embarrassing or mean) for the other plays to follow. The game is meant to test listening and obedience, not skill level.


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