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Photo scavenger hunt


Photo scavenger hunts: Get a list of things to take pictures of and go out and shoot some photos! Included in this post are four different lists for different occasions (at the mall, at home, at the park, and one for anywhere).

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White elephant gift exchange


A gift exchange activity, usually played at Christmas parties, where guests bring gifts and, through a series of complex rules, exchange them. Lots of laughs are usually involved. Be advised, it’s also a better game for teens or adults than kids, because, yes, some people are bound to end up with better gifts than others, and adults are less likely to cry and throw fits when that happens. ;)

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Telephone charades


A kind of silly acting game where, like in the game of telephone, the actions change more and more each time you act out the clue.

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What if?


This party game is easy, silly, and good for big groups. Players write questions that start with “what if” and answer them, with a twist. It almost always involves lots of laughter.

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This clapping routine game is set of hand routines involving snaps, claps, and slaps. You learn the routine, then the fun is doing it over and over, getting faster and faster. We played it at girls’ camp a lot while we waited for our food in the mess hall.

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Fortunately, unfortunately


A simple talking game. Players take turns telling a story, one sentence at a time, but each sentence alternates starting with “fortunately” or “unfortunately.” Silly, fun, a great time killer.

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Paper telephone


This is a great party game for teens or adults. Kind of like a cross between pictionary and telephone, players write sentences, convert each other’s sentences into pictures, and back and forth until the results are hilarious.

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Telephone is a fun game for kids. Players whisper a phrase to each other and laugh as the phrase is misunderstood and repeated incorrectly.

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The human chair


One of those big-group, invade-your-personal-space teambuilding games. Perfect if you have a lot of teenagers and you want to build team spirit and unity…spunity, if you will.

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Fruit basket


Fruit basket is a simple indoor game for big groups, easy enough for young kids, and also entertaining for older kids and adults. Players switch chairs, trying not to be the one left without a chair.

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