What it is: A little-kid game, best when played with a big brother, sister, or adult. One of those simple games you love so much as a kid.

Best for: 4 to 6 little kids and at least one bigger kid or adult.

What you need: A room indoors with a relatively big, open area. And preferably a big person to play with, like a dad or an uncle.

How to play: The game is very simple. One or two players (the adults) lay down on the floor, hold themselves long and straight, and roll around. These players are the steamrollers. Then the other players jump and run around the playing area, trying not to be steamrolled (i.e., grabbed, tripped, hugged, and /or tickled by the steamrollers). It works best the steamrollers are bigger (but gentle) players, and everyone else is young and small (so as not to hurt the steamrollers).

My sisters and I played this with my dad and with each other all the time when we were young. It’s one of those great simple wrestling games kids like to play.


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