First letter, last letter

What it is: An easy talking game for anywhere from two to lots of players, perfect for car trips, bus rides, or walks.

Best for: 2 players or however many more you want.

What you need: Just people to talk.

How to play: It’s a pretty simple game. First, players pick a category – let’s say food. One player starts by naming any food, say, a strawberry.

The next player has to name a food that starts with the last letter of the previously named food: so, in this case, Y. Yam, for example, would be a good choice.

Then the next player has to name a food that starts with M. And that’s the game! Keep naming food until you can’t name any more. Then choose a new category and go again!

Variations: You can have players go in order, and the first player to not think of a word (at all or within a certain time limit) or say a repeat word is out. Play until you have one winner. Or, if you’re looking for a less restrictive game, don’t set a playing order and have players call out words whenever they have a good one. Play until no one can think of another word. If you’re competitive, you could even keep points – whoever has called out the most words by the end wins. Can you think of any other ways to play?

Printables: Here’s the list of categories if you need help brainstorming some!



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