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Categories is a fun and simple pool game, good for all ages. Players choose items in a category and try to swim across the pool without being tagged.

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This version of chicken is a pool game where players sit on each other’s shoulders and try to knock other pairs over. A lot of fun (if somewhat rough and dangerous).

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Bottle is a game played in a swimming pool: kind of like football, but in the water and with a clear two-liter bottle instead of a football. Best for teens and older, it’s physically active and a lot of fun.

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Watermelon is a fun pool game for older kids or teens. Basically like football, but in the water, and with a watermelon instead of a football. Doesn’t that sound fun already?

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Dibble dabble


Dibble dabble is a great game to play in the pool: fun, simple enough for younger kids, challenging enough for older kids, and, unlike some of my other favorite pool games, not overly rough/dangerous. ;-)

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The human knot

human knot

A fun game for on land or in the pool, one I often played with siblings and cousins. Players stand in a circle, grab hands, and form a giant human knot that everyone tries to untangle together.

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