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Winks 2


A group game to play indoors that basically involves wrestling on the ground. So if you like high competition and physical contact, this could be the game for you!

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Kick the can


Kick the can is a way fun outdoor game; it’s like a cross between tag and hide and seek, with a twist. It’s perfect to play in a neighborhood or in the front and back yards of a house.

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Hit the dirt


This is a night game kind of like hide and seek or kick the can, with its own fun twist. Good if you like sprinting, hiding, adrenaline rushes, or feeling like a spy.

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An outdoor group game, not terribly active, but it does involve kicking, catching, and pegging (traditionally with a hacky sack). It doesn’t have to take a lot of time, so it could be good for filling small periods when you’re waiting for something exciting to happen.

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Line tag


Line tag is an easy variation of tag you can play on a basketball or volleyball court (or preferably those basketball-and-volleyball-courts-in-one). Perfect for small kids and perfect for killing time. I have fond memories of playing it at my church building when I was a kid…

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This version of chicken is a pool game where players sit on each other’s shoulders and try to knock other pairs over. A lot of fun (if somewhat rough and dangerous).

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Bottle is a game played in a swimming pool: kind of like football, but in the water and with a clear two-liter bottle instead of a football. Best for teens and older, it’s physically active and a lot of fun.

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Flour bomb capture the flag


Flour bomb capture the flag is a fun variation of capture the flag. Instead of tagging each other, players peg each other with flour bombs. And what are flour bombs? Don’t worry, they’re super easy to make. It just takes flour and some old panty hose. A good messy outdoor game for a big group of older kids or teens. But caution: it does get pretty messy. :)

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Missionary tag


A fun variation of tag that gives players more of a chance to rest between runs. The game is played using pairs, which is why we always called it missionary tag (missionaries often preach in pairs).

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Spud is a great outdoor game for kids. Players throw and catch a kickball and try to tag other players out of the game.

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