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Alphabet chant


There’s not really a winner or a loser, but players take turns coming up with phrases for each letter of the alphabet, like “My name is Bridget, my husband’s name is Brandon, we live in Bermuda, and we sell bouncey balls.” Good for car trips.

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Twenty questions


A simple, classic guessing game. Guess another player’s noun in twenty questions or less.

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A fast-paced, fast-moving card game, good for big or smaller groups of people, and always a crowd pleaser.

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Green glass doors

green glass doors

A talking, thinking game for anywhere from two to a busload of players. One of those games where you need someone who knows the “secret” and other players who are clueless. But this post does NOT include the secret…well, okay, maybe it does.

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A fun, classic drawing game, suitable for lots of age groups and lots of occasions. This post also includes some printable pictionary word lists for you.

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Invisible frisbee


This game is just what it sounds like: playing catch with an invisible frisbee. Don’t worry, it’s way fun, and also easily played anywhere because you don’t need any special equipment, other than a good imagination. ;-)

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