I’ve been into escape rooms lately. Have you done one? There are more and more escape room companies popping up. My husband and I have tried three in our area already. It’s a unique and fun challenge where you go and are “locked” in a room with usually up to 10 people. There are clues or objects you need to find in order to escape, which you must do in one hour. They’re a ton of fun!

They’re so much fun that…I wrote my own that I can host myself! I of course love games, and writing, and it took a lot of planning and work and play testing (by so many wonderful, willing friends; thank you!). But it was a lot of fun to do.

DIY Escape Room Kit at home

And of course, why keep it just to myself when I can offer it to all my readers? You can buy the DIY escape room kit as a complete downloadable package that let’s you host your own escape room at home. Everything is planned, you just need to read the instructions, print and cut out the clues, prepare a room, hide the clues, and you’re good to go!

Check out the kit here

This Science Lab Breakout escape room has a plot (a feature I’ve appreciated in other escape rooms). Another thing I like about the Science Lab Breakout room is that it incorporates paper clues, but also props (all common household objects) that your guests can interact with. Searching for clues and physical items makes the game realistic and fun.

I’m offering a launch special price and…a giveaway!

One lucky reader will get the whole digital download for free.

(Did you know this is my first giveaway ever! I’m excited!)

To enter the giveaway, just comment below and tell me an event you might use the escape room for:

  • Birthday party
  • Class party
  • Corporate team building
  • Youth night
  • Family reunion
  • Game night
  • Great Aunt Marge’s 50th anniversary
  • Etc.

I’ll announce a random winner on the evening of Monday, August 7. Good luck!

UPDATE: And the randomly-chosen winner of the giveaway is…Wendy Mikesell! Congrats, Wendy! Thank you everyone for entering πŸ™‚


  1. This looks so fun! I’m in charge of planning youth activities at our branch and would love try this out! πŸ™‚

  2. I am so excited! I have a small team at work and we talk about doing one of these escape rooms. We are a team of 11 so if we went on a Saturday it is too many people and pretty expensive. Then I thought I would sent half the team at a time…sigh no one wanted to go without everyone (which really made me smile). So then I got this email and YES! We can do one at work! Oh I cannot wait!! Thank you!

  3. Hey Paige, This looks fantastic!! Wow, what a lot of work you put into this. Love the pic of the Howell’s playing it at home! Another idea for this might be to use it in a Junior High School science class as a fun activity that has a science theme to it.

  4. My friends and I are doing a girls weekend. We have always wanted to do an escape room. I thought our weekend together wo7ld be a great time to try it.

    1. Hi Ana, you could definitely purchase the download, print out all the required papers, and mail them to him! He would need to gather the physical supplies, unless you wanted to put them in a box to send him.

  5. January 31 my baby turns 14. And she’s not into n parties (she’s a dork and I love it). Mentioned an escape party and she liked the b idea so I gotta make it great

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