So back in March, when the COVID-19 pandemic got huge and the coronavirus caused us all to socially isolate and avoid contact with people outside our families, I wanted right away to create a virtual escape room that people could play remotely and safely. But I still wanted an escape room with physical aspects, not just websites. It’s taken months of creating, testing, and tweaking, but I am finally ready to release this new escape room!

Introducing the Alien Threat DIY virtual escape room kit!

As far as I know, there’s nothing quite like this out there. The game is made of five different rooms with 1 to 3 players each. Those five rooms have unique clues and custom websites (and really cool ones, too, thanks to my husband), and everyone needs to communicate and share information to beat the game. In addition to using websites, players do things like cut and manipulate paper, sculpt things out of clay, and solve problems on paper.

And, even better, you can still run this game as a traditional escape room with all players in one room. It works great that way. Of all my rooms, it’s the easiest to prep. And instead of a large PDF of instructions to read, for the first time I have a video tutorial that walks through the whole game for hosts.

This game has been really fun to work on and test, and I’m excited for others to play it, too! Also I’ve discovered that it’s apparently impossible for me to write a non-science fiction themed escape room – but I am trying to branch out! I have a fantasy game in the works, promise!

So go and download the game, just in time for Halloween! It’s so easy to prep, you can totally get the game ready in time for a fun and safe Halloween night with your family or friends, no matter how far away they are! Oh, but don’t worry, despite the alien theme, it’s G-rated and not scary.

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