So, crazy time in the world, right? Lots of people are staying home, avoiding going out and trying to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. If you’re stuck at home, perhaps you’re trying to come up with things to do as a family or things for your kids to do to keep them busy? A while ago I posted about photo scavenger hunts, which is an activity where you’re given a list of things to find and take pictures of. While there is one at-home printable list in that post that would work great for right now, a lot of the rest of the lists are out-and-about items to take pictures of, like things at a shopping mall. Not many people are able to do that these days, are they?

So I made a few new around-the-house photo scavenger hunt lists! These would be great to print out and do around the house. You could give the lists to your kids along with a camera and have them complete them on their own, or you could take the photos together as a family. You could compete or play with extended family members or friends in another house. Just give the same list to your kids and to their friends or cousins, have them all take their photos, and then share and compare. You could make it competitive or not, perhaps giving awards to the most creative or best photos. You could make it a race where speed is important, but personally I think it would be more fun for the kids to take their time and set up some fun photos, going for quality over speed (because there’s nothing wrong if this activity takes up more time than less, right?) 😉

A note on the lists: I made them extra long instead of short, so if there are some items on the list that don’t apply to your family, feel free to skip them or cross them out. You could even pick and choose and compose your own list, or tell your children to choose 10 items from the list to take pictures of.

I also put together a few different versions:

Main list

This list is great for older kids and has quite a few items on it (two pages’ worth). There are some items to take pictures of, but a lot of actions (like taking a picture of someone dancing) and a lot of things that kids would have to assemble or gather before they could take a picture (like making a stack of something or spelling something out in blocks). Caution, if they did everything on the list, there would be some cleaning up they would have to do. Maybe you can roll that into the activity and take even more time? There are also a few sneaky cleaning activities on the list itself, like a picture of an empty sink or a rug or carpet with neat vacuum lines on it. He-he.

Non-messy list

This list is the same as above, but with all of the “mess-making” items removed, so that kids won’t be so prompted to move things around the house or get things out.

One-player list

If you only have one child playing, they can do this list that doesn’t involve taking pictures of someone else doing something.

Little kid list

This list is geared toward younger children and things they would be able to do or have fun with (caution, there are some mess-making ones).

However you play, I hope you have fun! And stay safe and healthy!

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