UPDATE: The new app is done! Go download it here.


Hi Game Gal readers,

As you may have noticed, the word generator app is broken in iOS 9. I am aware and I appreciate all of your feedback and kind alerts.

My husband is working on the latest version of the app right now, which we hope to have up soon, within a few weeks. It is super sad that we haven’t updated the app since we first added it four years ago, and I guess it was about time that it started to show! Unfortunately, this blog and especially the iPhone app are things that my husband and I do in our free time. Considering that we have two young kids and that my husband is launching his own business, we haven’t had a ton of that wonderful “free time” stuff lately. 🙂 But we want to offer a better version of the app, and we want to keep it ad-free. So if you’ll bear with us we hope we can get this new app to you by Christmas!

Thank you again for all of your support!


Paige, the Game Gal


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