Did you know the Atlantic hurricane season started on June 1? Where I live, hurricanes can be a real danger, and my family has had to evacuate several times.

Last summer I had a newborn and was stuck in the house and needed a project to work on, so my husband challenged me to get our evacuation kits and emergency supplies in order. It was a great project for me, and now we’re prepared – except we need to go through our 72-hour kits again and replace the three-month-old onesies with 18-month clothes and the baby food with table food. But going through old 72 hour kits is the best, isn’t it? It’s almost like finding treasure or opening a time capsule: What did you put inside? What did you forget about? What yummy food is there to eat because it will expire soon? We’ve been planning on doing it for a few days now and are looking forward to it.

Anyway, one of the things I made for our evacuation kit was a list of games to play in the car, since we’d probably be there for a while and having something to keep us occupied would be nice. (I’ve heard horror stories about a three-hour drive taking three times as long in a traffic-filled hurricane evacuation.) In honor of this year’s hurricane season and because it’s applicable, I wanted to share our evacuation game list here. It’s just a list of car games in different categories: talking games, paper games, running-around-at-a-pit-stop games. Most of the games are explained in posts on this blog; some I haven’t gotten to yet.

I don’t know if anyone’s really going to use this, but if you do and have questions or are confused by something, just let me know! I can post a better version if people are interested.

Printable-markerEvacuation Game List

Be prepared and stay safe!


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